lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

My English Poem to you.

Maybe was the rain,
Maybe was the smell,
Maybe was  the fact that no one cares,
or even than right now you're with someone else.
You told me so many times,
"i never let you down",
and Yes, i'm telling you
when i'm falling to the ground.
How many times we saw
how the other people doesn't understand
that we were never give a fuck for what the say.
Sometimes i cry,
Sometimes i laugh,
and sometimes just spend my days
wishing that you come back.
I know that i didn't do the right things,
but you're still being who i always think.
I'm still being your girl?
I really don't know,
but i'm not gonna stop
until i hear the
"I love you too"

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